World’s Best Travel Pants

Being from Colorado, Kuhl has naturally been a staple of my wardrobe for many years. However, it was not until 6 months ago that my love affair with this company really began to blossom. Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Kuhl (yet) and am not being paid to write this (yet); I just love the pants! With that out of the way, let me list the reasons that every traveler MUST buy a pair of Kuhl Renegades.

Ridiculously Comfortable

Seriously, these things are more comfortable than sweatpants. They are stretchy and soft and breathable and you can barely even tell your wearing them. And since you have to wear pants most places, I guess that’s the next best thing. You can even roll them up when the weather is too hot for pants but too chilly for shorts.

Lightweight and Packable

As every backpacker knows, lightweight clothing is ESSENTIAL when you are carrying everything on your back across the world. These pants are a fraction of the weight of jeans or other pants and are super packable (another important feature when you only have 55 liters to work with).

Zippered Pockets

I didn’t think this was something that I would cherish until I really get the hang of traveling. Zippered pockets virtually eliminate the chances that something will fall out of your pocket or get stolen. My money belt is collecting dust due to these bad boys.

Water Resistant and Quick Drying

Last but not least, I really love how water resistant these pants are. Made from Kuhl’s proprietary fabric DURALUX, they are naturally water resistant and coated with DWR for a little extra boost. When they do get wet, they dry super quick and don’t smell.

What more could you want in a travel pant!?