Exploring the "Sticky Waterfalls" of Chiang Mai

The bustling city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, offers the perfect mixture of natural and urban exploration. From ornate temples to lush jungles, to a vibrant city center, we found that it can truly cater to everyone. Of course, even with so many adventures to enjoy, there's always places that stand out.

Perhaps our most unique experience in Chiang Mai was our day-trip to the "Sticky Waterfalls". This excursion was recommended by our hostel staff who helped us get a group together to make the trek. After bouncing around in one of Chiang Mai's famous red trucks (Songthaews) for an hour and a half, we finally arrived at our destination. 

The sticky waterfalls got their name from the mineral deposits that have built up on the rocks under the cascades. The deposits form a hard, sponge-like, texture that allows visitors to easily grip the rocks and climb up the falls. It felt like walking on dry land! After the initial shock, we spent the majority of the time racing up and down the falls. 


Another great thing about the Sticky Waterfalls is that there's more to enjoy around the grounds themselves. We found a stunning viewpoint and picnic area above the falls, as well as hiking trails that led away from the falls into the jungle. Before we left, we enjoyed some 7/11 snacks with a view while glancing enviously at the many Thai families that had prepared full-on BBQs for their picnic!

If you make the trek to the Sticky Waterfalls, be sure to allow enough time to enjoy the falls as well as the trails around the grounds. There's plenty to keep you busy for a day trip away from the city!